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Remote Deposit

PhotoMagnolia State Bank Remote Deposit provides business customers with the capability to image capture check payments at their business location and – over a secure Internet connection – electronically deliver the images and MICR information to Magnolia State Bank for deposit into their accounts.

Magnolia State Bank Remote Deposit:

  • Benefits any size business with any size payment volume
  • With a single scan of the checks, our software does the following:
    • Image captures the front and back of the check
    • Ensures the quality of the image captured with dozens of image quality checks
    • Provides highly accurate scanning of checks
    • Minimizes manual keying needed to complete your deposit
    • Reduces the costs associated with check handling and getting deposits from multiple locations into accounts

Merchant Check Capture gives your customers the power to:

  • Consolidate accounts
  • Reduce posting errors
  • Eliminate trips to the bank
  • Reduce fraud
  • Speed up access to funds
  • Reduce time to research checks and deposits
  • Make deposits at your convenience
  • Reduce document loss

photoHow does it work?

Saving time, saving money, and increasing the security of your transactions is as easy as installing a small tabletop scanner linked to a customer's PC and some easy- to-use image capture software.

To enroll in Magnolia State Bank's Remote Deposit, call 1-855-BANKMAG.

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Online Banking Services

Magnolia State Bank offers the following online banking services.

Commercial Customer Services:

  1. Depository Transfer Service – easily transfers funds between accounts for cash management services.
  2. Direct Deposit of Employee Payroll – Direct Deposit has never been easier with Internet Banking!
  3.  Direct Electronic Payments – Use direct electronic payment instead of invoicing your customers for recurring monthly billings.
  4. EFTPS-Electronic Federal Tax Payment System – Whether you are mandated to file electronically by the IRS, or you just want to take the paperwork out of making your monthly tax payments, you can originate your federal tax payments electronically through internet banking.
  5. Wire Transfer – Send wire requests to MSB from your office.

Note: Subject to Approval. Additional Fees may apply.